Class Split :)

Hi, It’s Lizzy Harker 4R!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday 26th January 2016, 4R had to be split up across KS2! The reason was, that we couldn’t find a supply teacher for the morning. People went to:

3FM and 3CM


5M and 5P

6S and 6W

And even some people got to stay in 4R!!! I had to go to 5M, But it wasn’t Mr McCloud teaching. Instead it was Miss Roeback. I was split with Aaliyah, Seth and Rehanth. We had


Guided Reading

Draw our Viking Long-Ships

I finished everything so I got to read my book;

Which was HORRIBLE HISTORY The Vicious Vikings and the Measly Middle Ages

We had a lovely Supply teacher in the after-noon called;

Mrs G

Reported and Written:

by Lizzy Harker 4R 🙂






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2 Responses to Class Split :)

  1. fps11intake says:

    Did you have a good time?

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