Dear friends 

Dear friends …

I hope you remember me. I am Janani from 4R (Miss Rees class). I really miss all of you and especially Thanusha,Advika,Dristi (from 6W)and most of all LIZZY AND SHRUTHI. Lizzy and Shruthi have been really kind to me even though we weren’t friends most of the time.But they have been the best friends ever. Thanusha,Advika,Dristi have been also kind to me.When ever I wasn’t friends with  Lizzy and Shruthi they went and talked to Lizzy and Shruthi and asked them “why are you not  friends with Janani (me) anymore ?”. So I miss all  of you very much. Thank you a lot  everyone!!
Bye for now!

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1 Response to Dear friends 

  1. fps11intake says:

    What is this for!!!!
    Shruthi was over at my house and we saw this!!!!
    Shruthi said
    WHAT IS YOUR BUDDIE CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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