Butser Ancient Farm trip!!!

Today, on 23rd  June we went to Butser Ancient Farm! Butser Ancient Farm was a Celtic village opened to the public, so you can visit any time you like. The people who work there are happy to

tell you about the invasion, Celts, Romans, how they lived and all sorts of information. Even on Saturday and

Sunday the research farm is still open=)!

Celts lived in round mud huts and in Villages surrounded with a little fence.

Romans lived in cities instead of villages.

They had posh villas and had markets on the streets selling pottery, food, candles, jewellery, wine… Oh! there’s just sooo much more!

The city is protected by a huge wall.

They invented loads of things that we in that time

didn’t have.

Thank you for reading my report, I’ll talk to you later

Bye! Blogged by Sissi  =)


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