Writing Post Cards Home

Writing Post Cards Home



Class photo 2H

Class photo 2H


On Wednesday 2nd July 2014,Year 2 visited Super Southsea.

Our day started when we got on the coach. Then we got settled on the coach. Suddenly the coach stopped because it was broken, Luckily ,we still got to South sea in time. First we got into groups and looked around. We had clipboards and cameras. Then we had to find beautiful pictures  along the magnificent promenade. We also looked for the Portsmouth sign, which was everywhere but still tricky to find. Later we ate our scrumptious lunch on the grassy field under some shady trees. After lunch we played in the big open space. Eventually it was time to write great postcards to people at school. Lastly we got back on the coach and drove on the coach some of us fell asleep on the way after a busy day.


What we thought about the trip!

My favourite thing was having lunch on the field.  Kayleigh

I enjoyed taking pictures of things. Kane

I liked seeing a big, blue dragonfly. Malaika

Reported by Kane Kayleigh S+ Malaika ,

Year 2

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