Comenius Visitors in Year 2

This week we have been visited by our Comenius project partners from Sweden, Germany, Poland, Portugal, France and Turkey. In Year 2, during world week, we learnt all about Sweden. So, the Swedish visitors came to see Year 2. During their visit they saw us doing numeracy. They asked us about what we were doing and helped us with some of our questions by giving useful advice.

After numeracy, we had the opportunity to ask some questions about Sweden. Some of the things we asked were:

  • What was your school like when you were a child?
  • What do you think of our school? (They said it’s very big and they liked it)
  • What sort of lessons do you have in your school?

We really enjoyed their visit because they were very nice to us and gave us lots of compliments!

We hope they will be able to come back soon,

Hej da!

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