Year 2 trip to Alice Hot

On Tuesday 25th February 2014, Year 2 visited Alice Holt forest to study woodland habitats. We had an excellent time and only got a little bit wet!
Here are some of the things we did:

Woolly worms: we learnt that worms and other animals are harder to spot if the are camouflaged -and this stops predators from eating them.

Tree Hunting: We counted the number of different tree species we could identify by looking at different leaves
and bark. We found an area with 12 species called ‘the breakfast bar’!

Take a Closer Look: We used magnifying glasses to look really carefully at the ground and trees.

We listened to the sounds of the forest- we heard different birds singing.

Minibeast Hunt: We looked in leaf litter to find different minibeasts including a spider, woodlice, worms, beetles and centipedes. We talked about the different things each creature does and where it likes to live.

Blindfold Trail: We walked blindfolded moving individually along a route holding onto a rope tied between trees. This taught us how it feels for other creatures who rely on their sense of touch or hearing to experience the world. It was strange to not be able to see where we were going and some of us could not resist peeking! It seemed much longer than it really was when we couldn’t see where we were going.

Food Chains: We used string and pictures to create food chains radiating out from the sun.
We learnt that all food chains start with the sun and that humans are at the top of the food chain.

In the afternoon we went for a short walk through the forest, we saw some dens that had been built and looked for ‘faces’ in the trees.

What a busy day!

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