Year 2 Have Been Busy!

Time to update everyone on what Year 2 have been doing this half term!

We had a WOW start to our topic when the Hampshire Fire service visited.

DSCF4601 DSCF4622

We got to use the fire hose and learnt all about fire safety.

We have made Great Fire of London art-work. We drew houses and then used paint to set them on fire!!

DSCF4760    DSCF4759

On Maths day weread ‘Six Dinner Sid’ by Inga Moore. We did lots of maths based on his life, including ordering numbers, adding money and organising odd and even numbers. We also did some persuasive writing to encorage Sid to come and live with us as our pet:

Picture 014  DSCF4737

On Monday 21st October we had a ‘slime Olympics’ to help us with our science topic of materials. We used our maths skills to measure accurately.

Picture 003 Picture 002

This week we have been making Great Fire board games as a fabulous finish to our topic…and we will be making bread on Thursday- pictures coming soon!

DSCF4763 DSCF4764

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