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Hi it’s me again, Lukasz, it was a long holiday I hope you enjoyed it :). So I chose to do Blogging club because I go to Digital leaders too ;)! I went to Digital leaders because I want to learn about computers as I said before! As you see I learned to do faces like : 🙂 😦 😉 ;( :0.


It might be confusing but… you will figure it out…you will will you?

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Fabulous Frog Is Getting Better!!!!!!!! :)

There is another Competition coming up!

These are the games you should be playing;

Brr! Snowballs!= Throw the snowballs at all the elves! 200 credits

Champion Tennis= Play some serious tennis! 200 credits

Block breaker= bounce the ball around the screen! 200 credits

Hammer Throw= keep your mouse in the red area at all times! 200 credits

Animal Challenge 200 credits

Some of the prizes will be key wrings; but you won’t have access to any of these things unless you win a competition.

Reported and Written by:

Lizzy Harker 4R


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Frog competition

It's me Lukasz, today Miss Warick told us about the next competition on frog.The  next competition was to play these games to win a key rings or other prizes.

Brr!snowballs! Right now I'm first!

Championship tennis

Block Breaker 

Hammer Throw

 By Lukasz
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Interesting Investigation :)

It’s Lizzy again,

On Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 4R did a very exciting lesson about the 5 bums on a bed. We did this because we have a new topic on Literacy. We had to find out who murdered Miss Crab-Apple. In the end we found out that Prof.Plum did it with poison at 11 o’clock in the bath room!

Reported and written by:

Lizzy Harker 4R 🙂

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Aron the camera 2!!!!!!!! :)

It’s Lizzy again,

Does anyone remember that blog called Aron the camera?

If you haven’t you could try and find it on 11 intake, November 2015. Or you could just see it right here:

On an ordinary Thursday in 4R. It was an EMA and Miss Rees suddenly told us that there was going to be a special visitor called Aaron. But then she said that Aaron was a camera, on wheels! So we had a normal assembly. But we couldn’t see him until we sat down. When somebody looked in the corner. Then we saw him looking at us in the corner. So we just carried on with our lesson. Later on Mr. Wright came in and was talking to Miss Rees. On the computer there was a picture of what Aaron was seeing!

Well it was just like that but we weren’t so crazy!!!!!!!!

Reported and written by:

Lizzy Harker 4R 🙂



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Travel tracker Disaster!

The disaster is we keep forgetting doing travel tracker in the morning in 4R my class! But before it was in business totally but now its a disaster! So I’m going to remind Miss Rees in the morning … or Afternoon.

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Class Split :)

Hi, It’s Lizzy Harker 4R!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday 26th January 2016, 4R had to be split up across KS2! The reason was, that we couldn’t find a supply teacher for the morning. People went to:

3FM and 3CM


5M and 5P

6S and 6W

And even some people got to stay in 4R!!! I had to go to 5M, But it wasn’t Mr McCloud teaching. Instead it was Miss Roeback. I was split with Aaliyah, Seth and Rehanth. We had


Guided Reading

Draw our Viking Long-Ships

I finished everything so I got to read my book;

Which was HORRIBLE HISTORY The Vicious Vikings and the Measly Middle Ages

We had a lovely Supply teacher in the after-noon called;

Mrs G

Reported and Written:

by Lizzy Harker 4R 🙂






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